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Weed Brand

Launching multiple retail stores, Michigan-based weed brand needed a digital presence. We built them a custom marketing and e-commerce site for their new brand.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Digital Strategy
butter homepage


We started working with the Butter team in 2021 to design and architect their digital presence. We kicked it off by building a Shopify store to support their merch efforts before they could sell cannabis on premise.

From there, we built out a marketing site to explain their strain offerings and their effects’ spectrum, and to feature retail partners. Once they were awarded their sellers license, an e-commerce solution that allows people to shop at their retail locations followed.

The e-commerce side of their website is driven by a cannabis-specific platform, Dutchie. This integrates with their POS system and serves as a reservation system for products to be picked up and delivered by their retail locations. The site displays the real-time stock levels of each shop and allows customers to browse by a variety of custom product categories.