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United Sodas is a beverage brand based in NYC. We built their Shopify website and extended the brand language after launch.


  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Product Design
  • 3D Rendering


Our first priority, working together, was launching their Shopify ecommerce website. With a full suite of customizable product pages, sections, and a little bit of parallaxed illusion, we launched early 2020. The site was an immediate hit with customers and won Mobile Site of the Week on Awwwards.

United Sodas homepage
United Sodas homepage
United Sodas homepage
United Sodas Product Page Cherry Pop
United Sodas Product Page Strawberry Basil
United Sodas Product Page Extra Peach
United Sodas Product Page Orange Nectarine
United Sodas Product Page Young Mango
United Sodas Product Page Lemon Verbena
United Sodas Product Page Elderflower
United Sodas Product Page Gingery Ale
United Sodas Product Page Sour Blueberry
United Sodas Product Page Toasted Coconut
United Sodas Product Page White Grape
United Sodas Product Page Blackberry Jam

The World

Shortly after launch, we continued to build out the flavor world with Soda Specials! These are monthly branded deals to introduce new flavor pairings, merch, and other seasonal vibes. Each one had its own theme and was crafted as such.

United Sodas homepage
United Sodas Toasted Coconut Island
United Sodas Lit Holiday

With the success of Soda Specials, we wanted to create a space for fans to come relax and enjoy their sodas. Enter Sodascapes — a non-shopping-centered experience to let some sound waves flow and some visual splendor wash over you.


An immediate challenge presented with a soda brand is how to keep the spirit alive without relying on photography. We wanted to keep the design-forward mentality but bring some new graphic language into the fold. We designed out a full suite of new visual tools to extend their brand language.

These posters were included in product drops, influencer kits, and used as advertising. Rumor has it there's even woven blankets with these designs out there, for true collectors.

United Sodas tab circle animation
United Sodas Wheatpasting
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster
United Sodas Poster

ProjectGrabbag of

Throughout our time working with United Sodas, we've created oodles of images for ads, campaigns, and internal jokes. Here's a selection of 3D renderings made for the brand over the years of our partnership.

United Sodas Cans in a grid
United Sodas Top 6 Flavors Variety Pack
United Sodas Packaging
United Sodas Packaging